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SAV Calgary supports University in ‘No Means Know’ campaign

Sexual Assault Voices of Calgary was proud to support the Bishop’s University Gender Equality Centre in their ‘No Means Know’ campaign.

The campaign which focuses on sexual assault awareness, sexual consent and alcohol facilitated sexual assault was aimed at potential offenders rather than placing the responsibility to end sexual violence on the victims of this crime.

This is an ideal that SAV Calgary also believes in and was happy to provide posters from the “Don’t Be That Guy” campaign to support. The “Don’t Be That Guy” campaign carries a similar message and seeks to stop victim blaming messages and focus on offender accountability.

Below is an audio clip of a March 8, 2013 interview on CBC radio 1 with the 2013 No Means Know coordinator and 2013 Bishop’s University Gender Equality Centre President Nicole Rutberg along with a fellow BU Gender Equity Centre member, regarding the campaign along with International Women’s Day.

Breakaway March 8 2013 – No means Know Interview

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