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We are always welcoming new volunteers to our team! Volunteers are an invaluable source of support and strength in providing quality sexual abuse and sexual assault services.

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The primary role of CCASA’s volunteers is to support on both CCASA’s Support and Information Line as well as on Alberta’s One-Line for Sexual Violence, answering calls, texts and chats.

Volunteers also support us with booths and special events, and are an essential part of the CCASA team. CCASA welcomes applications from volunteers from diverse backgrounds, levels of experiences and skill sets.


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Volunteers are essential to the high quality of service delivery CCASA offers, and all of our volunteers receive more than 45 hours of training in order to provide the specific support that individuals from our communities need.

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Special Events Support

Special event volunteers support CCASA’s Education and Training Programs with community booths and special events. Events may include Calgary Pride, International Women’s Day, marches, and community booths at universities, community centres, as well as other local community initiatives and fundraising casinos..

CCASA Support and Information Line/Alberta’s One-Line for Sexual Violence

This line is available to anyone who has been affected by the various forms of sexual assault and sexual abuse. Volunteers work evening and weekend shifts on the line providing emotional support, information, crisis intervention, grounding, advocacy and referrals.

CCASA volunteers are responsible for answering the Support and Information Line as well as Alberta’s One-Line for Sexual Violence on evenings and weekends, ensuring that callers, texters and chatters receive support and intervention as needed. CCASA is an equal opportunity volunteer “employer” and encourages applicants from diverse groups to apply. Extensive training and support is provided.


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