Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved with CCASA and support your community, including donations, volunteer programs, corporate sponsorship and student practicum placements.

Learn about all of the opportunities to get involved and support the work that we do.

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Support CCASA: Donate Today!

We welcome any and all donations to help support our programs. All of our services are free and
donations help people to access our services and help even more people impacted by sexual violence.
We couldn’t do what we do without your generous support.

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Support CCASA: Volunteer Today!

We are always welcoming new volunteers to our team! Volunteers are an
invaluable source of support and strength in providing quality sexual abuse
and sexual assault services.


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Together we can make a difference.

The support we receive from our community is vital to us being able to offer services to those in need and changing the culture surrounding sexual violence.

Corporate Partnership

CCASA is proud to partner with corporate organizations to help support our vision of communities free from sexual violence.

Learn more about our corporate partnerships and how your organization can make a difference in your communities through corporate donations, workplace fundraisers and employee gift matching.
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Student Placements & Practicums

CCASA works with accredited institutions to provide students in the field of social work, counselling or other areas related to the organization’s work an opportunity to gain valuable practical experience.

Read about our requirements for student placements and practicums, and how to apply.

Youth Advisory Committee

An enthusiastic group of 14-18 year old’s that provides advice to CCASA on its education-related programs and services. The committee works to ensure that CCASA supports youth effectively and has the opportunity to develop the skills and tools needed to become ambassadors and advocates for these issues.

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CCASA Website Design RFP

CCASA’s education programs promote a philosophy of a violence-free society and provide accurate information on specific sexual abuse and sexual assault issues through a non-threatening and judgement-free approach.

Learn more about how you or your organization  can make a difference as we transition our Education and Training program to the newly branded Training, Resources and Education Centre (TREC) at CCASA.


Want to work with CCASA?
Learn about our current job openings and apply to join our dedicated, hard-working team.