Calgary Sexual Assault Response

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The Calgary Sexual Assault Response Team (CSART) team provides specialized care to individuals who have been sexually assaulted within the past 96 hours.

The service is available through any Calgary emergency department or urgent care centre, and the team works primarily out of their specialized facilities in the Sheldon Chumir Urgent Care facility.

Clients can choose any member of the all female team, including specialized nurses and doctors, a support counsellor from CCASA and/or the police. This means that people can choose to access or not access members of the team, for example, only access CCASA, or only access medical staff etc. CCASA can facilitate accessing the police if requested.

The CSART team can provides the following optional services:

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About this service


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CCASA is a choice-based agency and we respect and will advocate for everyone’s choices. There are lots of reasons that people choose to not report, including the fear of not being believed, fear of the person who chose to use sexual violence against them, or concerns about the attitude and experience with the criminal justice system. We understand that everyone’s experiences are different and respect their reporting choices.

In Alberta, there are three reporting options:


The option to not report to police


The option to report to police

Both AHS and CCASA will maintain confidentiality within the limits of the law. If a person chooses to not report, they can still receive medical attention and support from CCASA. All services are judgment-free and we recognize that each individuals needs will be different. The limits of confidentiality can be found here: FAQ & CONFIDENTIALITY

If more than 96 hours have passed since the sexual assault, there are other options for medical attention available. Please contact the CCASA support and information line at 403-237-5888 for more information and support.