Professional & Public Education

CCASA’s Education & Training Program aims to facilitate meaningful dialogue on topics related to sexual violence as well as build capacity within our community to respond to and support someone who has experienced sexual violence.

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The programs we offer to professional groups and the public build connections, relationships and partnerships with other service providers to raise awareness of sexual harassment, sexual abuse and sexual assault.

We have a core list of education and training options and are able to adapt our workshops and discussions to better suit individual and team needs, interests and learning goals.

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Men’s Engagement

CCASA’s men’s engagement services facilitate conversations around masculinity and healthy relationships, and analyze the existing perception of masculinity and its relation with gender equality and violence.

Learn about Men & Sexual Violence, a workshop offered specifically for men.

Children and Youth Programs

Our Children & Youth programs can be made available in schools or any child/youth-serving agency, such as an after-school program, camp etc. Programs are available for children and youth ages 5-18, and some programs are available for children, youth, parents, teachers and staff.

CCASA offers education and training opportunities for children, youth, caregivers or professionals working with children and youth. Education is imperative to make sure that children, youth and the primary educators in their lives all have accurate information. Our programs teach children and youth about body autonomy, healthy relationships and about abusive behaviors.

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All of our workshops are suitable for anyone interested in learning more about sexual violence and how to better support and respond to disclosures.

See our full list of workshops for adults and children & youth to find the program that’s right for you.

Workplace Training

CCASA offers training and workshops specifically related to the awareness and prevention of sexual violence in all its forms in the workplace, including sexual harassment training.

We also offer facilitated discussions on topics such as how to be an ally, gender representation, and sexual violence in the media, to name a few.

Learn more about the types of programs we can bring to your workplace, or that your team can experience in the CCASA office.

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