Alberta’s One Line for Sexual Assault: 

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Support and Information Line 403–237–5888


Alberta's One Line for Sexual Violence 1–866–403–8000

National Volunteer Week

As an agency focused on the healing and education around the unique impact sexual violence has in our communities, CCASA relies heavily on volunteers to communicate our philosophies through public education and, in some cases, working directly with clients.  Those who have decided to be a part of  CCASA’s  volunteer team have not only committed a great deal of time to complete training but have also opened their minds and hearts to, what can be, a world shifting view, which takes a lot of courage and strength.

In recognition of National Volunteer Week, CCASA would like to thank volunteers for readily donating their valuable time over the last year to CCASA information booths, junior high school presentations and community engagement events that focus on the issue of sexual violence.  We look forward to the many selfless contributions the rest of the volunteer team will be engaging in over the next year once their training is complete.  CCASA is grateful for their ongoing dedication to both the agency and issue of sexual violence.


Thank you from CCASA

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