We provide one-on-one and group counseling for individuals impacted by any form of sexual violence, including sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and sexual assault. We also provide counseling to anyone supporting an individual who has been impacted by sexual violence.

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Individual Counseling

We offer specialized individual counseling for anyone impacted by any form of sexual violence including child sexual abuse, sexual assault and sexual harassment. Counseling is offered to both those who experienced sexual violence and their support persons.

About our counselling:

Services include assisting the individual and/or support persons in managing effectively with the trauma and impacts of sexual violence. Counseling helps to manage emotions and behaviors through education and facilitating the development of coping strategies that help the person move forward in their healing and lives. The program covers immediate impact, emotional and behavioural reactions and also addresses practical issues the individual may be dealing with at the time. We recognize that trauma and impacts from sexual violence can happen across the lifespan and that people need different supports at different times.

Counseling can help address a number of issues and topics including information on sexual abuse and sexual assault, safety and grounding plans, coping strategies, emotions, and feelings.

Potential topics and issues addressed in the individual sessions are: information on the different forms of sexual violence,, sexual violence and its social context, grounding and stabilization exercises, anger, depression, trust, grief and loss, self-esteem, assertiveness, guilt and shame, body image, sexuality, power and control.

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For Groups

CCASA’s sessions offer support and counseling to people who have experienced sexual violence in a group setting. Groups are co-facilitated by CCASA counselors specialized in sexual violence and group therapy, and offer participants the opportunity to meet others that are in different places on their healing journey.

Participants can share their experiences and learn from each other in a safe, supportive and empowering space. Groups give participants the opportunity to see that they are not alone in their experiences. Within these sessions, participants explore the impacts of trauma, share feelings and emotions, identify strengths, and navigate strategies to build support networks.

About our counseling:

Groups Currently Available

This group is offered to support youth while they are on the waitlist for individual counselling. The focus of this group is safety and stabilization, and includes psychoeducation on the topic of sexual violence. The group runs for 5 consecutive weekly sessions with each session being 1.5 hours in length. Session topics include definitions of sexual violence, common myths and stigmas, common symptoms and impacts of sexual violence, and coping strategies. Participants are encouraged to participate in open discussions on the topics of each session but are always welcome to just listen. 

This is a safety and stabilization group to support participants that are on the waitlist for individual counselling. As a phase 1 group, the focus is on providing psychoeducation and practicing mindfulness/grounding exercises. The group runs for 6 consecutive weekly sessions with each session being 1.5 hours in length. The topics that are covered include introduction to mindfulness/grounding, trauma responses, window of tolerance, triggers, flashbacks, remembering trauma, healing/self-care, and coping. Each session is structured in a way where brief psychoeducation is provided, followed by time for discussion/debriefing and practicing grounding skills.

CCASA’s Support Persons Group is offered to any person who identifies themselves as currently supporting a survivor of sexual abuse/assault. This four-week group may include support persons such as parents, partners, and/or friends. Topics will include exploring tools for supporting those who have experienced sexual abuse/assault, sharing coping strategies for support persons, and learning about the potential impacts of trauma and sexual violence.

Call 403-237-5888 to join the waitlist for a group counseling session

Specialized Counseling

Counseling for Men

We offer specialized counseling for all genders, including males, who have experienced sexual violence either as children, adolescents or adults.

Sexual violence impacts everyone. The impacts are universal, making them similar for anyone who has experienced sexual violence regardless of gender. Men often face different barriers when seeking help and support from their experiences. The barriers are from social attitudes and beliefs that create stereotypes that doesn’t allow space for men to experience sexual violence. Our culture has positioned that the more “masculine” a man is, the less likely it is for him to experience sexual violence. We know that sexual violence happens regardless of the perception of masculinity, and is always harmful. Men often fear being blamed for their own experience because they were not able to protect themselves or prevent it from happening. We know that the only person responsible for sexual violence is the person who chose to use sexual violence against another person.

A recently released research report found that one in three males in Alberta experience sexual abuse in their lifetime. Most men who experience sexual violence as an adult or child choose never to reveal it, even to people they know and trust. They fear being disbelieved, ridiculed, shamed, and accused of weakness, ignored or, assumptions being made about their sexual identity.

We support anyone who has experienced sexual violence including men. We want to support everyone’s healing journey. We work to dispel myths and harmful stereotypes and recognize that sexual violence is a human rights issue.

Satellite Locations

Mount Royal University Wellness Centre:
CCASA provides specialized sexual assault counselling services to  students on site. 

University of Calgary Wellness Centre:

CCASA provides specialized counselling services to students on site.

Services are only being offered remotely. 

Please call our Support and Information Line  403-237-5888 for more information to access our services.

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Camp Chief Hector Empowerment & Celebration Event

CCASA collaborates with the YWCA Camp Chief Hector facility in Kananaskis to provide a weekend of celebration that honors personal growth and healing to those who have experienced sexual violence.

The weekend highlights people’s strengths and promotes empowerment through activities like group sharing sessions, art activities, high ropes course, relaxation sessions and horseback riding. Each person has the choice of which activities they want to participate in based on their own abilities and desires.

This weekend is open primarily to women who have attended CCASA’s individual and/or group counseling sessions.

This celebration is typically held once a year in the fall. Call 403-237-5888 for more information.

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