Alberta’s One Line for Sexual Assault: 

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Support and Information Line 403–237–5888


Alberta's One Line for Sexual Violence 1–866–403–8000
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We have a new website!

We are excited to announce that we have updated our website to provide the easiest access to information about the programs and services we provide, as well as showcasing some of the initiatives we have been involved with in changing how to view and understand sexual violence.

We feel that our updated website reflects our mission of providing leadership to impact attitudes and actions around sexual abuse and sexual assault and our vision of creating healthy communities free of sexual violence in a positive safe way while showcasing CCASA as a leader in forward thinking on the issues of sexual violence.  By updating our site we have created a more user friendly layout with a fun and exciting new look to allow visitors to more easily navigate our site and have the best and most comfortable experience possible.

Thank you to Inbound Interactive, the web design company who worked with us to create our new look.

Please navigate through our site to see all of the exciting things that CCASA is involved with.

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