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CCASA would like to thank all the fantastic artists who graciously donated to this event. Learn more about them below.
These artists each donated a pieces(s) of their work to CCASA for our online silent auction. To bid on the art please visit our online silent auction at:
http://www.32auctions.com and click ‘View an Auction’
Auction Username: kickstART
Auction Password: ccasa

Lisa Heinricks

A special thanks to Lisa Heinricks who was the first artist on board and who showed overwhelming support for CCASA throughout the entire process.

As a dynamic and complex artist I am always striving to learn and grow. I’m fascinated with new techniques and materials and continue to challenge myself by experimenting with ideas and mediums.

After a challenging year at the Alberta College of Art I moved to a more self directed approach to learning. Although having dyslexia made it difficult to keep up with the more academic aspects of the College experience, it may very well be one of the greatest influences that led me to an Art Career.

With new paints and mediums, exploring and experimenting I have become an accomplished artist. I am constantly pushing myself in new directions both on and off the canvas. Business is a huge part of art and to date, it has been my biggest challenge. I am always looking for new adventures and ideas that are artistically satisfying and sustainable to my career.

My work is shown at Harrison Gallery in Vancouver, Gerry Thomas Gallery in Calgary, and Art Central in Calgary where my studio is located.

Artists I revere are: Judy Chicago, Lisa Hebden, Chris Bowman, Attila Richard Lukacs, David Brunning and Amy Dryer.
Retired Artists include: Jackson Pollock, Emily Carr and Lawren Harris.

I pride myself on my avant-garde approach to fine art. My work includes Urban Buckles, Custom Painted Jewelery, Leather, Hand Painted Guitars, Custom Painted Tables and Glass.

Tobias Luttmer
I don’t know if there is a definite ideal I try to get across in my work. It is more a personal battle between my love of classical realism and cubist abstraction. I am also torn between human and animal forms. Every piece you see is taken to the point where I just won’t go any farther. As you can see I usually stop far short of true realism. I like to leave evidence of the tools in my sculpture as a history of the process. My work is constantly changing, evolving because I am always learning.

As for who I am and where I came from. I have lived in Calgary my whole life. I didn’t study art; I didn’t go to university or technical college. I taught my self to carve stone and got some tips from expert sources that led me to work with metals. I have been called an enthusiast. I tend to get involved in what I do and enjoy a challenge. I can carve or construct any design but I truly prefer to have full creative control over my pieces.

John Parnell
John Parnell was born in Edmonton Alberta in 1958. John studied art at Emily Carr College of Art and Design, graduating with a four year Fine Arts Diploma in 1984. While continuing his studio work he attended the University of Calgary, graduating in 1988 with a Bachelor of Education. After graduating John took a full time position with West Island College in Calgary, where he has taught fine art till June 2003, when John left teaching to pursue a full time art career.

I am fascinated with the possibilities contemporary ideas and painting offer. My paintings are crafted in pursuit of beauty, with an intense awareness of colour, composition, and integrity. My work is under several influences, both regional and international, but not limited to any particular movement or set of ideals.

Patricia Uston
When I work, my clay takes me on an extremely sensuous journey, with its primal scent, cool smooth touch, and fascinating formations which give me unspeakable visual joy.

Masks are my passion. Although none of my works actually represent human faces, they have always intrigued me. With absolutely no preconceived plan, or even the slightest idea as to what is about to take place I allow my clay to take me along to mysterious destinations.

The eyes evolve first so that I may peer into them and connect to what might be coming next. A nose, a mouth, cheeks etc. I love how I am able to alter the expression and to change the mood with a little pressure here and a little pinch there. I am constantly amazed at the complex images that emerge from this oh so humble lump of clay. This is what excites me as I move through the entire process leaving behind traces of my being in the form of my finger prints, as I do not use any other tools. It is an intimate experience of solitude and intrigue with the out come being some what serendipitous.

The next phase is quite arduous as the entire mask is glazed three to four times using tiny, bent, and curved brushes so as not to miss the smallest of nooks and crannies.

The adornment of the smoked hides is the final step in the creation of the head wear. The hide is painstakingly heated with a soldering iron. Then it is manipulated to the desired shape which acts as a frame for each individual face. The completed work states its name and that is how the mask is titled.

For me, there seems to be an endless supply of characters hidden in the depths of the clay just waiting to be freed.

Interiors in Balance
Interiors in Balance is a company dedicated to balancing your exterior environment with beautiful, one-of-a-kind items with your interior need for harmony.

Initially Rosa Seward, Manager of Interiors in Balance, came across this stunning porcelain at a friend’s house in Kuwait, who had indicated at the time that the art was almost lost. To her delight she encountered it again during her trip to Thailand. She was so excited to witness yet again the unsurpassed beauty of Benjarong, that right there and then she decided to bring this ancient art to Calgary.

She continues to find world treasures with personality, and charm in all of her travels. She goes directly to the source in order to bring the best of the best.

From her trip to Venice, Italy she brings Murano glass chandeliers. Pilgrim jewellery line from Denmark, created by two passionately dedicated designers Annemette Markvad and Birte Markvad, is now available at Interiors in Balance. Rosa enjoys wearing shawls and therefore finds a variety of silk, cashmere shawls and scarves from India and Thailand.

Beautiful home interior accessories, various textiles that compliment the stunning Benjarong porcelain are also available.

Amy Dryer
Amy Dryer has a studio in the heart of downtown Calgary where she paints everyday. Upon graduating in 2002 with her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Mount Allison University (Sackville, New Brunswick) she returned to her home of Calgary AB to start her painting career. Her schooling is varied: she attended the Alberta College of Art and Design, the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland, and finished her degree in Eastern Canada. Recently, Dryer attended an artist residency at Emma Lake. Working among her peers at such a historical residency was an honor.

Dryer shows with Trinity Galleries, Saint John, NB, Canvas Gallery, Toronto, ONT; Ruberto Ostberg Gallery, Calgary, AB; and Willow, Calgary, AB. She is also part of the ‘Brush Off’ Competition, currently taking place at Galerie Avenue in Old Montreal. Amy’s work shows in private and public collections in Canada and the US. In 2008, Dryer was chosen by Avenue Magazine as ‘Calgary’s Best;’ she was featured on the cover, followed by an article.

In the fall of 2010, Amy will be presenting new work at Propeller Gallery, an artist-run-centre in Toronto.

Collage Gallery
Cherry Deacon and Terry Ann Powell, friends for several years, teamed up in 2005 to create Collage, a boutique gallery located at Art Central. The gallery is truly a “collage” with a multi layering of wearable and functional art.

Having a passion for design and eclectic taste, Cherry and Terry Ann have filled the gallery with pieces they personally love. Each piece at Collage is unique and created by up-and-coming and established Canadian artists and designers. Some of the treasures you’ll find include gorgeous pieces by award winning designer, Katherine Soucie, devore scarves by Margot Van Lindenberg, handbags by Natalie Gerber, ceramics by Jim Etzkorn, and glass by Jim Norton. Calgary artist, Michelle Wilman’s beautiful glass jewelry and unique metal pieces are very collectible and Mitzi Stone’s amazing sock monkeys can make anyone smile. The 3D soft sculptures have been on local television and in magazines.

This is just a tasting of what is offered at Collage Gallery and the selection is replenished on a regular basis.

Melody Germain (My Escape Art)
Melody Germain was raised and educated in Calgary Alberta.  She opened her first studio in Art Central in 2007 following a long career in fashion management.
My “Escape” Art was incorporated in 2009 and specializes in the production of unique fashion designs which are an evolution of Melody’s line art.

Kelly Joy Hill
Kelly Joy Hill is an entirely self-taught artist currently residing in Calgary, Alberta with her husband, four children, 1 cat, and 1 dog. She grew up in small-town Kerrobert, Saskatchewan and moved to Vancouver, BC in 1994. She spent several years there inspired artistically by the beauty around her. Moving to Calgary in 2007, she continues to be inspired by both the amazing and dynamic landscape around her and the incredible kind and generous people.

Earl Klatzel
I was born in 1957 in Calgary, AB where he attended the Alberta College of Art, and currently resides today.

After years of dedicated focus in his studio Earl has begun to show his reflections and influences of life in the 20th century. His straightforward look at life is characterized in the style and design of his artwork. The figure has always been the dominant drive in his portfolio, but expands into a visual history from where the portraits evolved.

Music and its history are the main theme to his portfolio, covering: Blues Life, Blues & Rock Musicians. Earl’s knowledge of the music from listening to it for many years gives him the ability to project the atmosphere and sound into his work which brings the paintings alive.

Earl’s technique with mediums give each painting a unique quality. His re-defined approach to painting allows him the versatility to achieve a greater visual depth and a more realistic appearance to his paintings. His eye for detail and color authenticity in images from the past produces a true picture of daily life from an era gone by.

Earl’s art is collected by corporate and private collectors in: Canada, United States, Australia, Brazil and Europe.

Karen Noble
Karen Noble and Terry Noble are proprietors of a water garden nursery named Carlin Crossing Nursery. Situated in the lovely Shuswap Lakes, they offer a variety of fair trade, unique water features. They have been in operation for five years and are convinced that the healing nature of water needs to be shared.

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