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kickstART a HUGE success

Fantastic turnout for kickstART tonight!

CCASA would like to thank everyone who came out to STONEWORX GALLERY at Art Central tonight to support our art auction and first fund-raising event ever! We had a fantastic turnout and everyone enjoyed wine and cheese and a wonderful opportunity to view some incredible pieces of art. If you didn’t make it out to tonights event you can still participate. The auction is online and you can once again view the art and bid on it. Please find the details below.

Visit http://www.32auctions.com and click ‘View an Auction’
Auction ID: kickstart
Auction Password: ccasa

If you didn’t make it out to the event you can still come and see the art until the end of the month at STONEWORX GALLERY in Art Central. The art will be removed from viewing from May 1 – May 9. After May 9 the art will stay in Art Central, STONEWORX GALLERY until the May 27 Gala.

Thank you once again! We hope to see everyone back on May 27 same time same place for the Gala Event.

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