Alberta’s One Line for Sexual Assault: 

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Support and Information Line 403–237–5888


Alberta's One Line for Sexual Violence 1–866–403–8000
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Maria Capobianco M.S (she/her)

Clinical Program Supervisor

Maria is the Clinical Program Supervisor for the Counselling Program at CCASA. She holds a B.S and a M.S degree in Psychology, in addition to Postgraduate degree in Psychosomatic Studies and Learning Disabilities. Maria is a meditation teacher, clinical supervisor, and a compassionate-inquiry informed practitioner. Maria started her journey as a psychotherapist in Brazil, working with historically and intentionally excluded communities for many years, which led her to specialize in working under the lens of Liberation Psychology. She is an experienced psychology instructor, graduate teacher, and has developed educational materials, led courses, and worked as a consultant to different organizations. Maria also has extensive practice working in Mental Health and Substance Use in the public sector, and focuses on supporting people to overcome barriers in order to achieve liberation, growth, and well-being. 

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