Alberta’s One Line for Sexual Assault: 

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Support and Information Line 403–237–5888


Alberta's One Line for Sexual Violence 1–866–403–8000
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Kiran Sangha RSW, MSW (she/her)

Kiran Sangha (she/her), RSW, MSW

Kiran Sangha is the Clinical Program Supervisor for the Crisis Support Program at Calgary Communities against Sexual Abuse. Kiran was born in British Columbia and relocated to Calgary after high school to pursue her Bachelors degree in Child Studies, in this capacity she worked at a private school for many years supporting the health and wellness of primary aged children. Kiran’s interest in pursuing further education led her to complete her Masters in Social Work which has been a rewarding and fulfilling journey. Prior to CCASA, Kiran worked as a supervisor for an adolescent mental health unit at Wood’s Homes. It was in this role that Kiran found her passion for supervision, leadership and community program which led her to CCASA. Her passion for supporting teams whom support the community within this agency has been meaningful to her growth and career.

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