Alberta’s One Line for Sexual Assault: 

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Support and Information Line 403–237–5888


Alberta's One Line for Sexual Violence 1–866–403–8000
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What Can You Do To Prevent Sexual Assault?

  1. Acknowledge that sexual assault happens and learn about the nature and extent of sexual assault.
  2. Question the offender’s behavior instead of questioning the survivor’s behavior.
  3. Challenge offensive behavior such as sexist language, bragging about sexual conquests or negative comments about either gender.
  4. Learn what consent is and is not.
  5. Be open to hearing about the topic of sexual assault, and about people’s experiences of sexual assault.
  6. Ask your partner for sexual activity and respect her/his answer.
  7. Talk about sexual activity.
  8. Raise children to respect their future partners.
  9. Question what you hear in the media about sexual assault, and what the media is not telling you.
  10. Support the prosecution of perpetrators to the fullest extent.
  11. Raise children to be comfortable to talk about sex in an open and healthy manner.
  12. Volunteer at a Sexual Assault Center.
  13. Support your local Sexual Assault Centre by donating to their programs.
  14. Examine how your own behavior may contribute to the problem of sexual assault.
  15. Respect your fellow human beings.

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