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Shivi Agarwal (she/her)


Shivi is a dedicated professional with a strong focus on volunteer work, the social aspect, and customer success. As a Customer Success Manager at Kudos®, Shivi prioritizes client success by serving as a trusted advisor and advocate, building strong relationships, facilitating strategic discussions, and identifying expansion opportunities. Additionally, Shivi is deeply committed to empowering women in the tech industry through mentorship programs and workshops. Leveraging a passion for supporting women’s growth, Shivi provides guidance and support to help them thrive in the field.

Beyond work, Shivi finds great fulfillment in traveling and exploring new destinations, as it broadens horizons and fuels creativity. Recognizing the significance of the social aspect, Shivi has also co-authored the book Landed: Transformative Stories of Canadian Immigrant Women, which became a #1 Bestseller in multiple categories. In this anthology, you’ll find an intimate reflection of the trials and tribulations of living in two worlds. A reminder to call upon your strengths during life-changing moments. And, an opportunity to walk in the shoes of diverse women. Shivi has also hosted The Startup Impact talk show, creating an inclusive platform for entrepreneurs, investors, and industry veterans to share their stories and foster an entrepreneurial culture. With all this, Shivi brings a well-rounded and impactful approach to any role undertaken.

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