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Paula Russel (she/her)

Volunteer Program Supervisor

Paula Russel is the Volunteer Program Supervisor at Calgary Communities against Sexual Abuse. She has been passionate about volunteering and supporting others from an early age, taking on peer support roles through both high school and university. Paula first started as a volunteer with CCASA in 2013, which solidified her passion for supporting those who have experienced sexual violence. Paula was first hired at CCASA in 2015 as a Sexual Violence Educator. Through this role, Paula discovered a love for anti-violence education, developing training materials and building capacity for support within the community. After a few years in this role, her passion for volunteering and leadership led her to the Volunteer Program Supervisor role, where she has had the opportunity to support volunteers, develop and facilitate in-depth training programs, collaborate with sexual assault services across Alberta and continue to support callers and clients in numerous ways.

Paula has a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Political Science, where her undergraduate research focused on sexual violence as a weapon of war. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Social Work degree.