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Heather Robinson BHSc. (she/her)

Clinical Supervisor for the Police & Court Support Program (PACES)

Heather Robinson (she/her) is the Clinical Supervisor for the Police and Court Support Program (PACES). Heather holds a BHSc degree in Addictions Counselling from the University of Lethbridge. Throughout her degree Heather worked at multiple Residential Addiction Treatment Centers surrounding Lethbridge and Calgary. While working at YWCA Harbour House and Aventa Center of Excellence for women, Heather discovered her passion for working and supporting clients in the area of gender-based violence. Heather’s journey at CCASA began in 2018 when she was hired on to the PACES team. Heather’s work with the PACES team has solidified her skills and understanding of the value of providing client centered, anti-oppressive and trauma-informed care.  Since starting on the PACES team, Heather began to cultivate a passion and enthusiasm for supporting, not only her clients, but her co-workers as well; this lead to her move into leadership.

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