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Femi Akinsanya (she/her)

Co-Director of the Training, Resource and Education Centre (TREC)

Femi Akinsanya is the Co-Director of the Training, Resource, and Education Centre (TREC) at Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse. She is passionate about unearthing communities’ unique experiences regarding gender-based violence, gender equity, and human rights. Whether professionally at CCASA or as a community leader and advocate integrating her work with other non-profits, academic institutions, and the City of Calgary, a community-centered approach through a decolonized lens is an integral part of her work. This approach aids in directing services, agencies, and institutions to better and purposefully serve diverse communities. Her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Alberta and her educational background in health sciences allow Femi to interact with diverse people compassionately and support their overall wellness.


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