Board of Directors Application

  • CCASA Beliefs
    CCASA believes that all forms of sexual violence are based in the abuse of power and control. Philosophically we also see sexual violence from a feminist lens of acknowledging that our society is comprised of structures and attitudes that create and perpetuate the oppression of some people over others and for a variety of reasons that often intersect with each other and create different levels of oppression.

    We believe that sexual violence results in trauma for people that impacts lives and are also strong believers that individuals, families and communities can heal from sexual violence and can also learn to address the issue. CCASA also believes that people who choose to act with sexually abusive behaviours are 100% responsible for their actions.

  • CCASA's Legal and Moral Obligation

    Due to the sensitive nature of the volunteer positions, all applicants are required to submit a police security check and a child welfare check.

    I hereby certify that all information included in this application is true and complete.

    I understand that incomplete applications will not be considered, and that providing false information is grounds for immediate disqualification from the application process or even immediate dismissal if the falsehood is discovered after acceptance.