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CCASA’s Statement Regarding Black Lives Matter

CCASA Statement Regarding Black Lives Matter


June 3, 2020



In light of recent events, we share in the mourning of those impacted by racially motivated violence and join in solidarity with those demanding justice and structural reform.  We know that all forms of violence are interconnected in our society and exist on a continuum that begins with racist and discriminatory thoughts that may proceed into hurtful harassing behaviours, physical and sexual violence and homicide.  Thoughts precede action, and the attitudes and beliefs we hold about others inform our behaviours and the way we choose to treat them. All forms of violence are attacks against the mind, body and spirit of a human being.


This has been the basis of CCASA’s core beliefs since its inception 26 years ago.  As an organization, we are committed to ongoing learning and growth in order to better understand the interconnections between racism, discrimination and violence.


We know that violence continues to exist in our society through systemic and structural support for these attitudes and actions within our political, justice and social systems. In addition, individual indifference to violence in all forms perpetuates these attitudes and beliefs against Black, Indigenous and other racialized persons in our communities every day.  This is why CCASA has consistently asserted that all forms of violence exist in silence and secrecy.


We know that horrific events like those recently witnessed in the US and recorded on video bring these issues into the 24 hour news cycle. We also know that after some exposure and discussion racialized violence slips back into silence, changing nothing in the lives of those impacted by this on a daily basis.  We also recognize that Canadian society, and Calgary are not free from racism, and that we all have a long way to go toward safety, redress of historic wrongs, and meaningful inclusion and celebration of Black, Indigenous and other racialized persons in our communities. More conversation and action is needed to change and ultimately replace the insidious and overt violence that happens daily. Our narrative needs to change.  This is why CCASA stands in solidarity with those who are working to have their voices heard and are seeking justice from ongoing violence.


CCASA is committed to taking direct action to support this statement, both within the organization and in the broader community. Racialized violence is real. Racialized violence is wrong. We believe you, and it is never your fault.

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