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Pennies for CCASA

Penny Fundraiser for Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse

Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse (CCASA) is the primary sexual abuse and sexual assault crisis and education service provider for Calgary and surrounding areas.  Our organization exists because sexual abuse is a crime that is prevalent in our society and impacts a significant number of people.  One in three girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused by the age of 16.

CCASA is a leader in providing services to those affected by sexual abuse and sexual assault.  CCASA recognizes that child sexual abuse exists in silence and secrecy.  We know that children are particularly vulnerable to abuse due to their physical and emotional dependency on adults; their isolation from community supports; the existence of the myth that strangers mostly perpetrate sexual abuse; and most of all, their tendency to believe that sexual abuse, when it happens, is their own fault.

As a community it is important for us to stand together and say that sexual abuse is not ok.  We need to invest in the lives of our children; educate community members of the impact of sexual abuse and sexual assault and recognize the adherent value to society that sexual assault centres play in the lives of those who are survivors.

With the penny being removed from circulation, and the government encouraging Canadians to donate their pennies to charities, CCASA is hoping for your support through your donation of pennies to go towards the important work that we do.  We are all bystanders in this, and as such it is time to move forward collectively to make a change.

We are hoping to encourage community members to join us in our goal of making healthy communities free of sexual abuse and sexual assault.
Let’s make a difference one cent at a time!
Check out the attached poster and put it up in your workplace or distribute to friends/family or colleagues!
Please encourage all of your coworkers, friends and families to bring in their pennies for our cause.  We will gladly pick them up from your office.
Rolled penny donations of $20.00 or more will be eligible for a tax receipt.
For further information, please contact Karen Churcher at Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse.403.237.6905 ext. 262.
Thank you in advance for your support and generosity!

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