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Happy Valentines Day and Welcome to ‘CONNECT Family & Sexual Abuse Network’

Welcome to the community ‘CONNECT Family & Sexual Abuse Network’!!!!

Happy Valentines Day! We couldn’t be more excited because today our partners “CONNECT Family & Sexual Abuse Network” are holding their official public launch and the launch of their websiteconnectnetwork.ca. We’ll be celebrating alongside several other fantastic agencies throughout the city at Chinook Mall in Calgary. Calgary chief of police Rick Hanson and Minister of Justice Alison Redford along with CCASA executive director Danielle Aubry will be speaking to the public about the valuable services offered by Connect.

When: Today, Valentine’s Day, 11:00 am
Where: Chinook Mall Centre Court

What is Connect?

Connect is a unique one-stop service that provides an integrated, co-ordinated response to family abuse and sexual assault. We offer access to counselling, health care, justice, and police services provided by our partner organizations.

Connect supports all people with a range of needs – but is particularly targeting people who have had unhealthy relationships or sexual experiences, but wouldn’t necessarily label them “abusive.”

Warning signs include intimidation, isolation, control, and manipulation that could lead to things like social withdrawal, verbal or emotional abuse, financial control, timidity, regression in children, or absence from work or school. Unhealthy sexual experiences can lead to problems sleeping and eating, sexually transmitted infections, unwanted pregnancy, nightmares, high anxiety or extreme sadness.

People tend to dismiss the warning signs of abuse and hope they’ll go away. They rarely do. More often than not, they escalate, sometimes to the point of crisis.

People often don’t call for help because they aren’t sure there’s a need, they feel safer talking to friends or family, or they feel their information is too private to talk about.

The best way to stop the cycle of abuse is to encourage people to get help early. Finding the right help can be hard. Knowing who to call and when to call can be confusing and intimidating for people.

That’s why the partners of Connect have collaborated to make it easier for people to talk about a range of issues with friendly, well-informed counsellors who know how to get the right help.  We match people with the service that is right for them.

Who are the partners of Connect Family and Sexual Abuse Network?

CCASA is just one of 15 partners. To see the rest, visit the Connect website

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